Aging Backwards ~ A Warning

One day there will be many discovering their younger selves, dearest, just as you are doing this day. Will they be happy? Indeed they will. Will they guarantee happiness? To themselves this will be done, dearest. We confuse our dearest. Do we not?

Yes, I am finding this a little confusing.

Indeed, dearest; we confuse in order for the truth to become known. Yes?

Yes, I’ve certainly found this to be so.

Yes indeed, dearest, we confuse in order for the mind to grasp a concept. Yes?

Yes. Sometimes confusion is the only way I’ve managed to appreciate a concept. Yes.

It is only by confusion of the mind that a solution can be found. Yes? Yes.

Indeed yes, dearest. And so it is that we confuse you now. Yes? Yes.

We shall explain: Happiness is a singular concept, dearest. We can only feel happiness ourselves. Yes?

Yes. Others may feel happy; however, this doesn’t guarantee happiness for me, so to speak. I may feel their happiness, though, this feeling is not mine.

Indeed, dearest, indeed. Others may experience happiness. We may partake of the feeling of happiness, though, because it is not of our making, it does not remain with us. Yes? Yes.

Right, dearest; yes, this is truth. We may partake of the happiness generated by others; however, it will be only temporary. And this will be the case for those who will find their younger selves reflected in their mirrors. They will feel happiness in the so-called reflected image. However, others may not feel happiness at the sight of another’s good fortune, so to speak. Yes?

Yes, I’m sure there would be those who would be envious and not feel happy regarding this.

Indeed, dearest. There will be many who shall indeed feel envy, anger; maladjusted by this condition. They will show their displeasure in many ways.

They will deny the changes. They will not compliment or make mention of the obvious. They shall seethe within and make life as difficult as they possibly can for those whose appearance becomes significantly younger.

Those undergoing the changes need to be aware of this preponderance within others. If they do not, dearest, they may find themselves anxious and wanting to please.

This must have a detrimental effect upon them, dearest. Detrimental because it is only by ridding oneself of the energies of harm; i.e., worry, fear, anxiety, etc., that accommodates the aging backwards.

Yes dearest; those aging backwards must remain vigilant; for, otherwise dearest, the old (pun intended) will return to haunt them. The old patterns must be changed sufficiently for the new to begin. Then dearest, the new must be guarded constantly lest the old return; the old thoughts, fears and worries, dearest. Yes, we must guard against the old returning.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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