We will be delighted to answer your questions, Dear Hearts, indeed we will. Offer your confusions, your delights, your pains and your woes, Dear Ones, we shall answer all and sundry, Dear Ones, indeed we shall.

Our first question/s come from a Dear Heart – Catherine. She is known to us and we delight in receiving her questions. This we do, dearest. Below is the answer, dearest.

To all others we say: Send your questions, your queries, your comments, your delights to our Dear Heart Carolyn. Hers is a willing heart, Dear Hearts. We shall combine to bring the answers for you. Yes, our intention is to use this page for your questions and our answers, to be sure, Dear Hearts.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


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Should you wish to ask a question and remain anonymous, do let us know.   🙂