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Caged No Longer

Our dearest has had yet another surprise this day. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest Carolyn has had a realisation of her life’s work unfolding. Have you not, dearest?

Yes I have. I feel as though I’m in a little shock, so to speak.

And why is that, dearest?

I have been watching myself backwards age for the past year. My response to this has been quite shallow, in that I haven’t thought about it too deeply; it has just been happening, and I have come to expect the changes. However, today has been quite different. The past two weeks, or so, my attention has been drawn to a number of bodily changes that have brought the truth of backwards aging to a degree that I no longer can not think about the consequences.

The consequences, dearest?

Yes. I haven’t really considered the consequences.

Such as, dearest?

I haven’t considered the reactions of others, until recently. Keith and I haven’t been going dancing of late; I believe this is just a part of the plan for us. Neither of us really feels disappointed about this, even though it was the major aspect of our lives for a good number of years. Part of the reason I no longer have an interest is because I now view those with whom we socialised (lovely individuals who rate highly on my chart of good people, so to speak) as quite old.

Quite old, dearest?

Yes; they are becoming old very quickly.

And you, dearest?

I am becoming younger. I don’t feel comfortable with that age group anymore. Indeed, quite a number are quite astounded by my changing looks. One friend, who I know to be a decade younger than myself, has asked on a number of occasions what my secret is. The last time I spoke with her she was quite agitated. To explain: No matter how old good friends are (I’m speaking in relation to women friends) there is a code of conduct. We look after each other, so to speak. This particular friend made it very apparent that I had broken this code by not letting her in on my secret. I wasn’t inspired to tell her about my ‘other life’ that encapsulated backwards aging. Thank goodness, I haven’t seen her since. I say ‘thank goodness’, because I have aged backwards even more since that time some two or three months past.

And this makes you feel, what, dearest?

I really enjoy this woman; well, I did. Now I feel as if I have betrayed her.

Betrayed her, dearest?

Yes, betrayed her. I am not playing my womanly role as a friend. And yet, I doubt she could understand, or believe!

You are saying, dearest, you feel you have been given something which could be held in high regard, if only you were given the freedom to share.

It is a little scary for me at present to even consider sharing this with those who know me personally. My friends, and all I know, my neighbours, etc., I have, to date, not disclosed very much about myself in any fashion. I have been kept apart from joining groups or social clicks, as such. I haven’t been a social butterfly engaged in active participation. Those I’ve danced with, over the years, have been wonderful friends, yet held at arm’s length.

Indeed, dearest, we have kept you in a state of a caged bird. Have we not?

Yes, I know this has been true. I also know it has been done for good purpose.

Indeed, dearest. We would now like to advise you of some changes to come. Yes?

Yes, please.

Right, dearest, we shall. To date you have been kept at an ‘arms distance’, as you’ve said from many social engagements, etc. This is now to change. We ask, dearest, that you allow yourself to think upon speaking openly regarding backwards aging. We appreciate, dearest, this will induce fear within. We ask that you ask for this to be removed. As indeed we will. Yes dearest, the time has arrived for you to openly embrace the changes.

Yes, there is a little fear. I most certainly ask for this to be removed. Thank You.

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What Would You Like to Know?

Can you advise what countries I will visit?

Why do you want to know, dearest?

I’m feeling bored and am curious.

Yes indeed, dearest; we know you are feeling bored. However, dearest, there must be some surprises. Yes?

Yes…… I don’t know what to contemplate. I’m not really interested in the future events. I know that all things will progress toward love and perfection; that it is and will be, for some, quite horrendous; for others joyful and meaningful. However, I am bored and would like to circumnavigate the boredom with something interesting. Have you any suggestions?

What would you like to know, dearest, in regard to the world, as such?

I find it hard to ponder because, basically, I believe all things are progressing as they ought. When I see the problems in Spain currently, I see chaos, a necessary chaos to bring about revolution for the better. Whenever I view any current social malady I see a prescription for change. The same applies to the animals of the world and the inhumane way most are treated. I foresee good things happening; slowly, but they will happen. So, in an overall sense, I don’t feel the need for specific information.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. However, there will come the need for specifics, in time. Yes?

Yes, I imagine others will have need of specifics, and I will be happy to oblige.


©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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Cell Phone Distraction/Future Events

It will come to pass, dearest, that in the not too long distant future the cell-phone will become obsolete. Yes indeed, dearest; the cell-phone will be discarded for a newer technology; one that is available now; yes indeed. And what is that technology? We shall tell you:

Implants, dearest. Yes the implants will become widely known and used.

Just as you now have Wi-Fi, this will take over in the form of minute apparatus injected beneath the skin with the ability to do as the cell-phone is now capable.

It will take a little adjustment on behalf of those averse to such implements. However, they will over time, adjust and will join the merry band utilising the new.

This doesn’t address the cell phone distraction. If anything, it gives the individual a much wider range of distracting arenas. Does it not?

Indeed, dearest, there will always be those who abuse such technologies; this is unavoidable and will continue to be so for many. However, there will also be many advantages:

  • Is it a crime to not be interested in the reality before you?
  • Is it a crime to prefer the company of others, apart from those with whom you be?
  • Is it distasteful to engage in a manner other than a personal reality?

We think there are many sides to this argument. Some will agree; whilst still others will disagree. However, dearest, the ability to extend ones self is coming quickly and with great haste. It is far better to accept the negative aspects, and embrace the positive. Yes?

Yes, of course you are right.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

News Broadcasters

Listen while you read  

What shall we write about? Shall we write about the troubles of the world, dearest? Or shall we write about more pleasant things? For, dearest, we can write reams upon reams in regard to both. Shall we?

Shall we write reams upon reams of the troubles of the world, and/or pleasant things?

Yes, dearest, this is the question.

I don’t mind either way. There are many writing about the troubles of the world, whilst, I believe, there are fewer writing about the pleasant happenings.

Indeed, dearest, this is true. There are many thinking upon and writing about the troubles of the world; yes indeed. However, there are not as many thinking upon and writing about the pleasant happenings. And why is this? This is so, dearest, because of the current thinking that many share. And what is this shared content of the many? This is an easy question to answer.

The shared content of the many is in regard to the atrocities broadcasted hither and thither. This is not to say these events are not major catastrophes, nor should they not be broadcasted. However, they, the negative happenings do receive the major attention by those in command of the social networks in general. Yes, dearest, ‘no news is good news’ is a saying that keeps the world under the control of those in charge of propaganda. Whereas, dearest they, those in control of the airways, cyberspace and the various outlets of so-called news, do not consider good news eye catching, so to speak. No, dearest, it is not in their best interest to hold back their glee when in possession of fear inducing news.

Few appreciate this time honoured battle they, the so-called news broadcasters are engaged within. They have many with whom to compete. Yes, dearest, they are ever in competition with other social networking news broadcasters; a stressful situation indeed.

We shall leave this with you, dearest, to ponder……………………….

There are so many avenues one could take after pondering. Are they Light Workers of the Negative? Are they here as one of the 2billion having experiences for pleasure sake? Are they those here to gain command over the base negativity incorporate in all? I imagine those involved in this activity, that of being in the news broadcasting arena, could be from any of the above.

Indeed, dearest; though, you did leave out the Light Workers of the Light.

Yes I did; though, upon reflection I now find myself including those of the Light within this arena too.

And why, dearest, are you now including Light Workers of the Light within this force?

You have said that as Light Workers of the Light we are not always going to be able to remain positive; that we will meander here and there, so to speak.

Well done, dearest. Yes this is indeed true. Light Workers of the Light will not always be found within the so-called positive vein; no indeed. Their position may be, according to their prearranged agreement, within the so-called negative forces indeed. That is not to say they won’t find a positive position within the negative; yes indeed. Indeed, dearest, they, those Light Workers of the Light positively choose positions within the negative in order to invest their life’s work balancing the negative outcomes of such forces; be they within the broadcasting arenas or elsewhere.

I’m beginning to appreciate that we cannot judge an individual’s character/intent by their position in life. To do so could be all too foolish.

Yes indeed, dearest; your thinking is sound.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

A Brand New Life

A hunting we will go; a hunting we will go; high ho the dairy-o; a hunting we will go.

And for what shall we hunt?

We shall hunt for a brand new life. Yes, indeed; a brand new life.

Our dearest is feeling brand new. This she is, Dear Hearts.

Since the realisation of the Teams of Light Workers; i.e., the Negative and the Positive Light Workers working in teams; our dearest has not only recognised the reality of this, but also, the light heartedness that comes from overcoming.

And this is on offer to all teams of Light Workers. The ability to let go of the old way of living; i.e., the fear and dread, seriousness and tedium; shall be yours, Dear One. This is a guarantee.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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An Important Revelation

An important revelation has our dearest had this day; it is, Dear Ones:

We remind you firstly, Dear Hearts, of the facts of our lives as consciousness. We, spirit/consciousness enjoy creating and participating within many fantasies. The Earth Fantasy has been a much loved Fantasy. However, it is to change. And to what is it to change? It is to change to a Fantasy of Love and Perfection. We shall not go into this more, Dear Ones; there are many writings upon this subject for those who choose to read. We return to this day, Dear Hearts:

Yes indeed, our dearest has been privy to many before unknowns. Do we have your permission, dearest?

Yes you do; please proceed.

We thank our dearest for her openness and great diligence in ridding herself of the negatives within, and those of the world. Many blessings, dearest.

Indeed, this day has brought our dearest much conscious knowledge. To begin; we shall capture a conversation we enjoyed earlier this day. The conversation was after the realisation our dearest had in regard to her partner, Keith. He, our Dear One, Keith, has been of the Negative; a much beloved member of the Light Workers of the Negative.

Like many Light Workers of the Negative he has partnered with our dearest to help in the process of Love and Perfection. Our Dear One, Keith, has been subject to our promptings, Dear Heart, to be, at times, mean and controlling to our dearest. Yes indeed; this is truth.

Recently, our dearest has been able to overcome much of this control; to the point, Dear Heart, we were able to advise our dearest to remain quiet. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; we asked our dearest to remain without talking in many situations where she once talked and talked and talked. This ‘talking’ was, as a rule, to offer succour, advice, and in general, dialogue; a one way dialogue, if you get the drift!

We will advise the Light Workers of the Light that you, Dear One, have a built-in instinct to soothe troubled waters, so to speak. This is a fine sentiment when in the company of like minded people. However, when not with other Light Workers of the Light, this will be abused; yes indeed.

Know that the Light Workers of the Negative are playing their part within the Fantasy. They are catalysts for the conversion of the Light Workers of the Light to cross from naivety to wisdom.

Indeed, Dear Ones, they are your greatest challenge, bringing your greatest rewards.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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Aging Backwards Video 8

Hello, Carolyn here,

The eighth video in our Aging Backwards series is available for viewing. Should you feel you are a Light Worker and would like more understanding regarding the role of Light Workers, you may find our Free Book Series of interest.

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