Changes, our second book, Dear Hearts

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Changes, is our new book, Dear Ones.

It comprises many new understandings for those who wish to know the truth.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; Changes, has been completed this day, August 3rd 2016.

The following is an excerpt:

Changes Are a-Comin’ 

Yes indeed, Dear Friends, changes are a-comin’. And what is meant by this?

What is meant, Dear Hearts, is precisely as it reads. Oh yes, Dear Hearts; know that changes are a-comin’ for all Light Workers.

There will be abundances of changes; not only for the Earth Fantasy, but also within the minds of, especially, Light Workers. And why do we say this, Dear Ones?

We say this because it is true. It is now time for enormous changes to rapidly occur. And why is this so, Dear Hearts?

It is so because this is as we’ve planned it. Yes; you and all you see, Dear Hearts, have agreed that change is to take place as of now.

Do you not see the changes occurring, Dear Ones? Do you not see the protestations occurring in all lands, all countries?

Indeed, Dear Hearts; read on for an overview of the changes to come.

Read on, Dear Hearts, to discover your role in the changes to come.

Read on, Dear Friends, to discover how you can circumnavigate the regions of the mind (the brain) that hold you fast.

Indeed, Dear Hearts, it is our pleasure, and our role, to assist you on your journey through your personal changes, indeed.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

 © 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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