Hello, and welcome to the new.

My name is Carolyn Page; I hope to see you some time in a future planned for us. You will know if this is to happen; there will be a softly spoken part of you that knows.

I look forward to meeting with you in person; over the phone; on a screen applicable to the technology of the day.

Yes, dear friend, won’t you join with me in celebrating that for which we are here:

The advent of the new Fantasy for Earth.

Together we shall discover the new, and what that entails for you.

Know that you will have your own journey, your own particular set of plans; no two alike, dear friend.

You will, if you have chosen to be a part of the Light Worker team, have a sense of belonging, with, perhaps, a tinge of fear. Yes, I too know what it means to fear the unknown.

Know that I have conquered that fear. Know that I know how to deal with that fear. Know that, if asked, I will assist you to overcome that fear, and more.

We will discuss your needs.

We will, at your command, address those things that bind you to the earthly nuances that disturb and prevent you from attaining that which you have agreed to do.

Oh yes, my dear friend; know that I look forward to meeting with you. Know that I am ready to play my role in your life.

Seek me, and you shall find me. Together we shall have the adventure of our lives.

Many blessings await, dear friend, indeed.

Carolyn Page

Updated 25th July 2016


Hello Dear Friends,

We are here to inform you of our new website – Light Workers of the World – indeed we are. We have much to tell you over the coming years. Oh yes, Dear Hearts, we mean to inundate you with the information you will need to become all that you are. You think not? Indeed, Dear Hearts, we shall lead you to you. That is to say, Dear Ones; we shall delight you with the information needed to remind you of who you are.

And who are you, Dear One? We shall tell you:

You, and all you see, Dear Hearts, are a consciousness. That is right, Dear Heart. You and all that you see are a consciousness. Does this surprise? Yes? No?

We shall endeavour to supply the information needed for you to attain the highest degree of understanding whilst on Earth. That we shall, Dear Ones; that we shall.

Suffice to say, Dear Hearts, we be here to answer any question you may care to ask. That is right, Dear Ones. We, those of us who cannot be seen, shall endeavour to proffer advice to assist you on your journey of the Earth experience. Indeed, Dear Ones, this we shall do.

Carolyn is our Earth Medium extraordinaire. She blushes, Dear Hearts; indeed, she does not like to be included in our advices. She is a humble being, Dear Ones, and does not wish to take the space of what she believes to be ‘more important information’. Though, Dear Heart (we speak with our dear one, Carolyn) we hasten to remind you. Without you, Dear Heart, there would be nothing to advise, so to speak. Without your interest, without your determination, without your energy we could not do as we do, dearest.

Therefore, Dear Heart, you appreciate the need we have to delight in your commitment to do as you’ve agreed. That is, Dear Heart, to, without thought to self, allow the words of love to be spoken through you. For this, Dear Heart, we are truly delighted, and look forward to a most welcome change for many as they agree to do that which is their quest.

Yes, Dear Ones, the quest of the ages is yours. Light Workers you are, and your quest is to attain the highest degree of accomplishment. And what is the highest degree of accomplishment? The highest degree of accomplishment, Dear Heart, is to be successful in your quest of becoming perfection upon Earth.

We shall not minimise the enormity of your task, Dear Hearts. No, this task shall need every ounce of strength, every moment of your day if you are to be successful. Not for the feint hearted, Dear Hearts.

May we invite you to ‘follow’, Dear Hearts. We shall begin at the beginning and work our way through the process of becoming, as you are, perfect.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World