Bringing Of Light ~ The Third in Our Series, Dear Hearts.

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Our new book, Dear Hearts, is titled ‘Bringing of Light’; yes, this is so, Dear Ones. In it, as promised, we have elucidated on those here within the Earth Fantasy doing a variety of chores. Yes, Dear Ones, we use the word ‘chore’ lightly, though, this is fundamentally correct. We, all those extending their thoughts, Dear Hearts, herald the new dawn as it slowly awakens.

 In order for the new to be introduced, there is need of you, Dear Heart (the extension of your soul’s thought) to do as you are doing, Dear One. We do not wish to confuse, though, it is by confusion the truth is sought and found.

We offer this to you, Dear Hearts, knowing that those who are to follow, will; and those who are not meant to follow, will not.

Indeed, within the pages of our new book will come enlightenment for many, Dear Ones. Should you feel you are a Light Worker, we say:

Reading the words of love will assist you along your journey, Dear Heart.

A choice, as always; one that will hold you in good stead for your promised rewards. And what are your promised rewards?

Many, Dear Heart; there are many rewards for your diligence in removing all that is false.

Indeed, our dearest, Carolyn, will show you, over the coming year (so-called) some of the physical rewards of allowing the light to shine through. By this we mean, Dear Hearts; our dearest will present herself upon the screen as she backward ages. Yes, Dear Ones, this she will.

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