About Carolyn

Hello, my name is Carolyn Page, and I am a medium representing The Collective Consciousness. 

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Where are we going to tonightCarolyn1
© Keith Compton – September 2018

My role is to bring awareness of our existence to those who so choose to hear. They, those who choose to hear, are the Light Workers of the world.

And what are Light Workers?

They are those whose desire is to work upon themselves for the betterment of mankind.

There are many new understandings coming for those who choose to hear; changes that shall cause great strife for some, enjoyment for others, fear and rejection for still others. The new is being introduced now because this is as we have arranged it.

And who are we?

You and I, and the multitude of souls who are in agreement that, as of now, the falsities under which we have been living are to come to an end.

And why are they to come to an end?

They are to come to an end because we are no longer in need of them to continue. To explain:

As spirit we are perfect. That is, those of us having the experience of the Earth Fantasy are perfect. We enjoy this experience of imperfection, and shall continue to enjoy the experience, as it stands, for some good time to come. However, the changes imminent within the Earth Fantasy are to be this:

We, those of us who are enjoying the fantasy of being Light Workers, are to bring about change in the form of love and perfection within ourselves.

Note, my friends, we have not said for others. No, this is not to be the case. We, the Light Workers of the world, are to bring about change, dramatic change, within ourselves. Indeed, we are to work toward attaining the perfected state whilst on Earth.

The change, we are here to speak about, is the change toward bringing love and perfection to the Earth Fantasy. Yes, my friends, love and perfection is to replace the havoc, distrust, menace and greed of the Earth Fantasy to date.

Should you feel you are a Light Worker; that is, one who needs to be ever growing and developing, you may be interested in learning more. We welcome you to visit our website ‘ABC of Spirit Talk’ where we speak about the changes to come in our free book downloads.

We look forward to seeing you there.

© March 2016 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk /  Light Workers of the World

Image Credit: K Compton

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