An Invitation to Read Our Free Books

Hello, my name is Carolyn Page. I am the Earth Medium representing The Collective Consciousness. We wish to explain a number of happenings beginning with our collective desire to change the Earth Fantasy from one of misery and pain to one of Love and Perfection.

Within our free books are the beginning, middle and projected end of our tale; we invite you to read them should you feel you are a Light Worker. And what is a Light Worker?

A Light Worker is an individual, such as you, Dear One, who wishes to become ‘all that you can be’. This may be hidden from view, currently. Reading our free books will enlighten you more fully to who you are. This is the purpose of our writings, Dear Heart. For now is the time to awaken to the mission for which you have entered the Earth Fantasy: To be one of the four billion souls currently within the Earth experience whose purpose is to prepare the way for Love and Perfection to become the norm.

Many Blessings to All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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