Significant & Insignificant Changes

We have two things to say, dearest. Firstly: Do you enjoy what you are doing? And Secondly: Will you believe us when we say there is change in the air?

The answer to the first question is yes:  I love what I am doing. The answer to the second question is:  Yes, I believe there is change in the air.

And why do you believe there is change in the air, dearest?

I believe there is change in the air, because, I am changing in minor areas and also in greater arenas. I was only, whilst chatting with Veronica this morning, mentioning how my taste, in all things, is changing.

And what was the outcome, dearest?

You advised us that we are not so much ‘changing’ our tastes; we are broadening our tastes to include more.

Yes indeed, we did, dearest; we did indeed. Could you explain this, dearest, so as those who read will have a greater appreciation of the changes.

Yes I’d be pleased to do that. It would probably be better dealt with if I included some examples:

I’m finding myself attracted to colours that wouldn’t have appealed to me in weeks past. I’m speaking in regards to clothing. I certainly would not have given them a second thought; yet, now I’m finding myself quite attracted to some, and am considering making new purchases. The same can be said for the colour scheme of our website, Light Workers of the World. It surprised me when I chose the current colour scheme. It is something I wouldn’t, once again, have entertained only a few weeks past.

And this, dearest, is to continue. There be many significant and insignificant changes ahead, indeed.

Can you explain why this is happening so as our readers may gain more understanding?

We are pleased you have asked, dearest. The changes you are experiencing, and have as a constant for some years been experiencing, are subject to the ability to remove limitations of thinking, dearest. It is this simple.

As you progress along the path toward Love and Perfection, the limitations of thought are removed. That is right, Dear Ones. As you remove those things that have been weighing you down; things to do with negativity, you will be free to engage in furthering the multitude of experiences available. This will continue ad infinitum.

I am looking forward to this. I am finding myself wanting to engage in matters that once did not appeal. I am enjoying individuals in a fashion not known before. Yes, there are many significant and insignificant changes occurring. It is quite exciting; in a rather calm fashion!

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk /  Light Workers of the World

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  1. Resa says:

    I’m experiencing the broadening of tastes, and it does change one in many and various ways.

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    1. Carolyn Page says:

      Indeed, Dear Heart, we know this to be true for you. Much can be said for allowing the expansion of one’s mind; as you are aware, Dear One.
      We are enjoying your ‘broadening’, Dear Heart. There be many such experiences awaiting…
      Many Blessings, Dear Heart

      Liked by 1 person

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