Indeed, dearest, we have new information. Shall we proceed?

Yes, please do.

New information warms the cockles of your heart, dearest?

Yes, the thought of something new does indeed warm the cockles of my heart; as you say. I’m all ears!

How shall we go about this? Shall we begin by telling you of something you already know?

If it acts as a prelude to the new, then yes, this would be appreciated.

Indeed, dearest, it would act as a prelude, so to speak, for the introduction of the new. Right, dearest, on we go:

Many are aware of the life forms currently abiding upon Earth; there be many to be discovered, dearest; however, for the most part they (the current life forms) have been in evidence for many a year. What is not known, dearest, is the life form of the future; a life form unknown before. Yes, Dear Hearts, there is to be a new life form added to The Earth Fantasy. We have spoken of this recently, though, did not specify the form it would take; leaving it to your imaginations to peruse.

Once again, the need for the imagination is needed, Dear Ones. We can advise that the life form to come is neither a land animal nor a water animal; it is both, Dear Hearts.

Our dearest, when advised of the new life form coming for The Fantasy, wondered if the life form may resemble the mermaid/mermen. Is this not so, dearest?

Yes, I did hold that image in my mind, so to speak.

And you are correct, dearest. The new life form for The Earth Fantasy is to be the Merpeople, or Merfolk.

Are they already in existence within The Fantasy?

Not as yet, dearest.

Will they be in evidence within my time within The Fantasy?

Yes indeed, dearest; you will witness Merfolk in time.

Are there any facts about the Merfolk you are able to disclose?

Such as, dearest?

Will they be an amiable combination, or will they cause disruption?

Like all life forms within The Fantasy, they will have their troubles. However, dearest, they will not cause outright disruption for other life forms; though, their entry to The Fantasy will cause many a raised eyebrow.

A raised eyebrow?

Yes, dearest, a raised eyebrow.

In what way?

Many will view them as dangerous, dearest / many will view them as a means to gain financial control. By this we mean:

Man is a carnivorous creature; he takes what he wants without thought for the future. This is as we have engineered him; he does only as we have directed. Greed, control, and the human need for magnanimity thwarts many a good inclination. This will be the case with the introduction of the Merpeople. They will be alien, so to speak, to the ways of men; hence, they will be manipulated by those whose purpose is to do so.

Oh yes, Dear Hearts, it would be unwise to expect man’s nature to change; this will take some good few decades to produce.  In the meantime, disruption will come from the nature of man, and not from other life forms.

We shall leave this here for now…..

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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