A Breakthrough All Shall Have

We are pleased to report our dearest Carolyn has had a breakthrough; indeed she has. And what has she broken through?  She has broken through disbelief; this she has, with our help.

And this we say to all who may be struggling with disbelief. Know that you will, Dear Heart, find yourself swaying to and fro from belief and disbelief. However, Dear Ones, know also that you will find your way; should you want to; yes indeed.

Our dearest not only knows who she is, she also has received great input in regard to the future. Yes, indeed, Dear Ones; our dearest Carolyn has reached a milestone, so to speak. And what is that milestone?

It is a milestone all shall reach in their journey home.

“Their journey home,” we hear you say.

Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; your journey home to remembering who you are and what your role is.

Many Blessings

© 2017  Carolyn Page  & The Collective Consciousness

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