Tomorrow’s End shall be the first to be made into an audio version. This will occur in the early part of 2018 followed closely by our second printed book and third. They will be warmly received by many, dearest, having the quality of reality, sincerity and value. We say ‘value’, dearest, as they will prove to be the finest audio representation of spirit, or consciousness. No book, to date, has offered truth, dearest. They, the many books representing spirit have, to date, misrepresented spirit, or consciousness.

This has been done because this has been the intention, to date. This is now to change. We, consciousness, have decided, by a majority vote, to erase the myths. Our intention is now to bring the truth of our evolution to those whose choice is to know the truth. We shall not go into this more deeply, dearest; for those who choose more information in this regard we suggest you may care to read here.

Our dearest Carolyn has been made aware of the importance of embracing the role she has agreed to play. By this we mean:

Our dearest has been instrumental in bringing about the vote for change. To this end she has worked tirelessly and will continue to bring the truth of our beginnings to the fore. We herald yet another chapter in her work; the chapter which shall bring many Light Workers to their own beginnings. By this we mean:

Many Light Workers are currently sleeping, as it were. They are neither aware of the role they have agreed to play, nor are they conscious, as such. With the truth of our dearest’s backwards aging will come a renewal of truth. Indeed many will become consciously aware of a change within their psyche. They will no longer wish to sleep. They will feel movement within; movement that will not go unheeded. No, Dear Ones; you will awaken with the truth of backwards aging. This has been planted within your mind. You will not question, but will herald the truth of our dearest’s backward aging as the beginning of your remembering, in a slightly clouded way, the role you have agreed to play.

Do not be disturbed by your remembrances, but, be ready for the changes these memories shall produce by way of change occurring in your thought processes.

Many Blessings await, Dear Hearts

© 2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness