Backwards Aging a Reality

Is this why I’m feeling a little heady/ill? That is; I now appreciate I/backwards aging has proven itself and others are now realising it. But, more the point, I am realising it is true. Therefore, the future is totally unrecognisable, in a very good way. But, I am a little nonplussed, so to speak. Can you advise?

Is it achievable?

Is what achievable?

A state of total recognition.

I don’t know what the plan is. You’ve always said there must be surprises!

Indeed so, dearest. Yes, life, as a human, is unrecognisable in as much as the future is concerned. Yes?

Yes; for the most part.

Indeed so, dearest. This is not to change.

I must say I am feeling quite shocked. The realisation of aging backwards is quite shocking; yet, I also believe I ought not to feel shocked.

Why is this, dearest?

There must be a part of me doubting the process. I can’t doubt it, so to speak; it is there whenever I look at my reflection; and people are treating me differently.

In what way, dearest?

As a woman, other women of a similar age have a habit of identifying and judging each other. It is an idiosyncrasy that seems to continue throughout life. As I’ve aged, those identifying/judging have been similar ages. Recently I’ve noticed women of a much younger age are now noticing me and giving me that ‘you are my competition’ look, that we women are in the habit of doing.

And this causes you angst, dearest?

No, quite the reverse! I’m enjoying the looks from this age group; it is very flattering. And yet, the truth is they believe me to be younger. This isn’t quite causing me angst; more a deeper appreciation of the fact of my backwards aging.

Indeed, dearest; and this will continue. Yes?

Yes, I believe this is certainly going to continue.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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