Caged No Longer

Our dearest has had yet another surprise this day. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest Carolyn has had a realisation of her life’s work unfolding. Have you not, dearest?

Yes I have. I feel as though I’m in a little shock, so to speak.

And why is that, dearest?

I have been watching myself backwards age for the past year. My response to this has been quite shallow, in that I haven’t thought about it too deeply; it has just been happening, and I have come to expect the changes. However, today has been quite different. The past two weeks, or so, my attention has been drawn to a number of bodily changes that have brought the truth of backwards aging to a degree that I no longer can not think about the consequences.

The consequences, dearest?

Yes. I haven’t really considered the consequences.

Such as, dearest?

I haven’t considered the reactions of others, until recently. Keith and I haven’t been going dancing of late; I believe this is just a part of the plan for us. Neither of us really feels disappointed about this, even though it was the major aspect of our lives for a good number of years. Part of the reason I no longer have an interest is because I now view those with whom we socialised (lovely individuals who rate highly on my chart of good people, so to speak) as quite old.

Quite old, dearest?

Yes; they are becoming old very quickly.

And you, dearest?

I am becoming younger. I don’t feel comfortable with that age group anymore. Indeed, quite a number are quite astounded by my changing looks. One friend, who I know to be a decade younger than myself, has asked on a number of occasions what my secret is. The last time I spoke with her she was quite agitated. To explain: No matter how old good friends are (I’m speaking in relation to women friends) there is a code of conduct. We look after each other, so to speak. This particular friend made it very apparent that I had broken this code by not letting her in on my secret. I wasn’t inspired to tell her about my ‘other life’ that encapsulated backwards aging. Thank goodness, I haven’t seen her since. I say ‘thank goodness’, because I have aged backwards even more since that time some two or three months past.

And this makes you feel, what, dearest?

I really enjoy this woman; well, I did. Now I feel as if I have betrayed her.

Betrayed her, dearest?

Yes, betrayed her. I am not playing my womanly role as a friend. And yet, I doubt she could understand, or believe!

You are saying, dearest, you feel you have been given something which could be held in high regard, if only you were given the freedom to share.

It is a little scary for me at present to even consider sharing this with those who know me personally. My friends, and all I know, my neighbours, etc., I have, to date, not disclosed very much about myself in any fashion. I have been kept apart from joining groups or social clicks, as such. I haven’t been a social butterfly engaged in active participation. Those I’ve danced with, over the years, have been wonderful friends, yet held at arm’s length.

Indeed, dearest, we have kept you in a state of a caged bird. Have we not?

Yes, I know this has been true. I also know it has been done for good purpose.

Indeed, dearest. We would now like to advise you of some changes to come. Yes?

Yes, please.

Right, dearest, we shall. To date you have been kept at an ‘arms distance’, as you’ve said from many social engagements, etc. This is now to change. We ask, dearest, that you allow yourself to think upon speaking openly regarding backwards aging. We appreciate, dearest, this will induce fear within. We ask that you ask for this to be removed. As indeed we will. Yes dearest, the time has arrived for you to openly embrace the changes.

Yes, there is a little fear. I most certainly ask for this to be removed. Thank You.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World 

5 Comments Add yours

    1. Carolyn Page says:

      Thank You, Aman.
      It is a process; one that has taken many years for me; though, one that I have agreed to do, love to do, and keeps me enlivened, joyful, ever changing and looking forward.
      I certainly find it: Wow and Awesome… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aman Thakur says:

        You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-), if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Carolyn Page says:

          Yes I have &
          Yes I’ll keep in touch. I like your style! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Aman Thakur says:

            Ahan..;-) Thank you Again…:-)

            Liked by 1 person

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