Cell Phone Distraction/Future Events

It will come to pass, dearest, that in the not too long distant future the cell-phone will become obsolete. Yes indeed, dearest; the cell-phone will be discarded for a newer technology; one that is available now; yes indeed. And what is that technology? We shall tell you:

Implants, dearest. Yes the implants will become widely known and used.

Just as you now have Wi-Fi, this will take over in the form of minute apparatus injected beneath the skin with the ability to do as the cell-phone is now capable.

It will take a little adjustment on behalf of those averse to such implements. However, they will over time, adjust and will join the merry band utilising the new.

This doesn’t address the cell phone distraction. If anything, it gives the individual a much wider range of distracting arenas. Does it not?

Indeed, dearest, there will always be those who abuse such technologies; this is unavoidable and will continue to be so for many. However, there will also be many advantages:

  • Is it a crime to not be interested in the reality before you?
  • Is it a crime to prefer the company of others, apart from those with whom you be?
  • Is it distasteful to engage in a manner other than a personal reality?

We think there are many sides to this argument. Some will agree; whilst still others will disagree. However, dearest, the ability to extend ones self is coming quickly and with great haste. It is far better to accept the negative aspects, and embrace the positive. Yes?

Yes, of course you are right.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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