News Broadcasters

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What shall we write about? Shall we write about the troubles of the world, dearest? Or shall we write about more pleasant things? For, dearest, we can write reams upon reams in regard to both. Shall we?

Shall we write reams upon reams of the troubles of the world, and/or pleasant things?

Yes, dearest, this is the question.

I don’t mind either way. There are many writing about the troubles of the world, whilst, I believe, there are fewer writing about the pleasant happenings.

Indeed, dearest, this is true. There are many thinking upon and writing about the troubles of the world; yes indeed. However, there are not as many thinking upon and writing about the pleasant happenings. And why is this? This is so, dearest, because of the current thinking that many share. And what is this shared content of the many? This is an easy question to answer.

The shared content of the many is in regard to the atrocities broadcasted hither and thither. This is not to say these events are not major catastrophes, nor should they not be broadcasted. However, they, the negative happenings do receive the major attention by those in command of the social networks in general. Yes, dearest, ‘no news is good news’ is a saying that keeps the world under the control of those in charge of propaganda. Whereas, dearest they, those in control of the airways, cyberspace and the various outlets of so-called news, do not consider good news eye catching, so to speak. No, dearest, it is not in their best interest to hold back their glee when in possession of fear inducing news.

Few appreciate this time honoured battle they, the so-called news broadcasters are engaged within. They have many with whom to compete. Yes, dearest, they are ever in competition with other social networking news broadcasters; a stressful situation indeed.

We shall leave this with you, dearest, to ponder……………………….

There are so many avenues one could take after pondering. Are they Light Workers of the Negative? Are they here as one of the 2billion having experiences for pleasure sake? Are they those here to gain command over the base negativity incorporate in all? I imagine those involved in this activity, that of being in the news broadcasting arena, could be from any of the above.

Indeed, dearest; though, you did leave out the Light Workers of the Light.

Yes I did; though, upon reflection I now find myself including those of the Light within this arena too.

And why, dearest, are you now including Light Workers of the Light within this force?

You have said that as Light Workers of the Light we are not always going to be able to remain positive; that we will meander here and there, so to speak.

Well done, dearest. Yes this is indeed true. Light Workers of the Light will not always be found within the so-called positive vein; no indeed. Their position may be, according to their prearranged agreement, within the so-called negative forces indeed. That is not to say they won’t find a positive position within the negative; yes indeed. Indeed, dearest, they, those Light Workers of the Light positively choose positions within the negative in order to invest their life’s work balancing the negative outcomes of such forces; be they within the broadcasting arenas or elsewhere.

I’m beginning to appreciate that we cannot judge an individual’s character/intent by their position in life. To do so could be all too foolish.

Yes indeed, dearest; your thinking is sound.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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