A hunting we will go; a hunting we will go; high ho the dairy-o; a hunting we will go.

And for what shall we hunt?

We shall hunt for a brand new life. Yes, indeed; a brand new life.

Our dearest is feeling brand new. This she is, Dear Hearts.

Since the realisation of the Teams of Light Workers; i.e., the Negative and the Positive Light Workers working in teams; our dearest has not only recognised the reality of this, but also, the light heartedness that comes from overcoming.

And this is on offer to all teams of Light Workers. The ability to let go of the old way of living; i.e., the fear and dread, seriousness and tedium; shall be yours, Dear One. This is a guarantee.

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World