An important revelation has our dearest had this day; it is, Dear Ones:

We remind you firstly, Dear Hearts, of the facts of our lives as consciousness. We, spirit/consciousness enjoy creating and participating within many fantasies. The Earth Fantasy has been a much loved Fantasy. However, it is to change. And to what is it to change? It is to change to a Fantasy of Love and Perfection. We shall not go into this more, Dear Ones; there are many writings upon this subject for those who choose to read. We return to this day, Dear Hearts:

Yes indeed, our dearest has been privy to many before unknowns. Do we have your permission, dearest?

Yes you do; please proceed.

We thank our dearest for her openness and great diligence in ridding herself of the negatives within, and those of the world. Many blessings, dearest.

Indeed, this day has brought our dearest much conscious knowledge. To begin; we shall capture a conversation we enjoyed earlier this day. The conversation was after the realisation our dearest had in regard to her partner, Keith. He, our Dear One, Keith, has been of the Negative; a much beloved member of the Light Workers of the Negative.

Like many Light Workers of the Negative he has partnered with our dearest to help in the process of Love and Perfection. Our Dear One, Keith, has been subject to our promptings, Dear Heart, to be, at times, mean and controlling to our dearest. Yes indeed; this is truth.

Recently, our dearest has been able to overcome much of this control; to the point, Dear Heart, we were able to advise our dearest to remain quiet. Yes indeed, Dear Ones; we asked our dearest to remain without talking in many situations where she once talked and talked and talked. This ‘talking’ was, as a rule, to offer succour, advice, and in general, dialogue; a one way dialogue, if you get the drift!

We will advise the Light Workers of the Light that you, Dear One, have a built-in instinct to soothe troubled waters, so to speak. This is a fine sentiment when in the company of like minded people. However, when not with other Light Workers of the Light, this will be abused; yes indeed.

Know that the Light Workers of the Negative are playing their part within the Fantasy. They are catalysts for the conversion of the Light Workers of the Light to cross from naivety to wisdom.

Indeed, Dear Ones, they are your greatest challenge, bringing your greatest rewards.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones, Many Blessings

©2017  Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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