Love and Perfection 1 – The New Fantasy For Earth

Once upon a time there was a young girl who enjoyed everything there was to be enjoyed. She loved the clouds, the rain, the sky, the sea. Oh yes, dear friends, this young girl admired and loved all things natural. We say ‘natural’ because this is true. Natural as opposed to unnatural, you appreciate. And what were the unnatural things she did not love?

Those things contrived by the nature of man are things unnatural. And this we say to you:

Love the natural, the unspoiled, the true. And what is true? This is a simple question with a simple answer.

We are consciousness. We are consciousness having an experience. When the experience ends we have another experience and another and another; you get the drift!

We do not have experiences to gain wisdom, as such; unless it is the wisdom to overcome our natural state of negativity.

There is not a hierarchy of sorts; unless you assume those who have overcome/circumnavigated their innate negativity to be of a, shall we say, advanced state of being.

The, so-called, messengers of God is simply another experience within the multitude of experiences available for experiencing. We shall all have, what we call, a grandiose experience within each fantasy we contribute to and enjoy.

We do not become spirit; we are spirit or consciousness. We do not have a body; we are consciousness only.

When we depart (so-called) an experience we do not linger in a dimension, nor do we return to a dimension. We are eternally within a particular dimension; i.e., consciousness.

Those having the experience of being a medium, spiritual soothsayer, etc., are having just one of the multitudes of experiences open to all. The accountant, the bricklayer, the doctor, the nun; all experiences open for all.

We enjoy the concepts we have created for our enjoyment. However, as of a recent event we are now to change our experience. And to what are we changing?

Love and Perfection, dear friends; shall be and is the change long awaited for by many.

To learn about this, and many other happenings, we invite you to visit our websites:

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page & Light Workers of the World with Carolyn Page

A new day awaits those who have the desire to know truth.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones; Many Blessings

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Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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