All About Hormones!

Yes, dearest, you have a question to ask?

Yes, I do. It concerns hormones.

I’ve been backwards aging now for almost a year. Within that time I’ve noticed many changes, namely; firmer skin, less wrinkles, etc. However, the past little while I’ve been experiencing hot flushes, not unlike those I had when going through menopause some 17 to 18 years past. Running parallel to this has been a sense of returning youth in my expression both physical and mental. I would like to have some clarification upon this please.

Indeed, yes, dearest, we see a more youthful expression upon your complexion as well as your mental state. Yes?

Yes indeed.

Why would this be difficult to believe, dearest? The advent of youth and the hormonal structure of the body must coincide. Must they not, dearest?

Put that succinctly; yes, I must agree they must. Though, I am having some difficulty, mentally, catching up to this understanding.

You are having difficulty, dearest?

Yes I am, a little. Though, reasoning tells me this must be the case for youth and youthful expression to become the norm there must be the corresponding hormonal changes to accommodate this!

Indeed ’tis true, dearest. You and others who will be entering the more youthful domain must have the corresponding hormones to accommodate. Yes?

Yes…. So then, the hot flushes I am experiencing are what? The return of certain hormones?

You have it in a nutshell, dearest. As you backwards age so too must all structures backwards age. This is becoming more and more evident to you. Is it not?

Yes, it is. I have so much more youthful energy. Just of late, the past week or so, whenever I see myself in a mirror I am witnessing that youthful evidence more and more.

Indeed, dearest, we see your reflection becoming more and more a delight. Yes?

Yes it is. Thank You.

© Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness 2017                                               

ABC of Spirit Talk / Light Workers of the World

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  1. Resa says:

    A very interesting conversation! 😀 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carolyn Page says:

      Yes, it was!
      Those flushes occurred for only a few weeks, thank goodness! They weren’t very strong, but strong enough to make me aware of them.
      It enabled me to appreciate the overall backwards aging; in that, not only the outer form is looking younger with greater vigour; but also the inner structures will be running parallel. This seems quite obvious to me now; but, back then I hadn’t really thought about it very deeply.
      I do feel quite strong and healthy. Yesterday K and I went to our usual social dance. I know I’m getting stronger. I can dance, with fervour, and for quite a long time. I’m probably as strong, if not stronger than I was previous to the illness I suffered. In other words; I’m physically stronger than I was 4 years past. It can still cause me some surprise; though I do try not to dwell on it ~ just letting it happen as it is.
      Also, many of our friends at dance are commenting on my changes. This will be an interesting scenario as time goes by. For now I can smile and say I feel extraordinarily healthy; particularly after just returning from our trip. But I know that this will eventually become a delicate situation; the solution for which will become evident when it is needed.
      Mind you, Resa; that’s a problem I won’t mind having… 🙂


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