We’re off on a trip, dearest. Are you looking forward to it?

Yes I am.

And why is that, dearest?

I’m looking forward to beginning my work.

Your work, dearest?


And what is that, dearest?

My work?

Yes, dearest; what is your work?

My work is to enlighten, those who choose to hear, regarding all things in relation to why we are here within this fantasy.

Good, dearest, this is good. Would you say you have it under control?

Can you explain a little more?

Yes, dearest we can. However, we believe you appreciate our point.

Right. Yes, I believe I can answer any question that may be forthcoming. If not, I will allow the information to come through me.

Indeed, dearest; this will be necessary, at times. There will be questions that shall need more than your current understanding to elucidate. Does this concern you?

No, not really. I am used to channelling, so to speak. I will quieten myself and allow the information through.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true.

Tokyo ~ Rainbow Bridge ~Picture Credit: Pixabay

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