Our dearest wishes to see what her future looks like. Do you not, Dear Heart?

Yes, that would be nice.

Indeed, dearest, and we shall inform you of what your future will look like. Yes indeed we will. Firstly, dearest, it must contain travel. Yes?

From what you’ve informed me; yes, it will contain travel.

And why is this, dearest?

You’ve advised I will be travelling the world visiting with Light Workers who would like to see me to learn more of their individual plans.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is true. Would you like to start now?

Yes, if that is possible, I’d love to start now.

Then so be it, dearest.

Do you mean the actual ‘travel’ aspect?

Indeed, dearest. Where shall we start?

You have already mentioned the first trip will be to England; the North York moors area, I believe.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is as arranged. Your first trip, outside Australia, will be to York and the North York moors. Are you ready?

I can be ready just as soon as the travel arrangements are made.

Good, dearest, this is good.

When do I leave?

Next month, Dear Heart; mid month to be exact. You will find others waiting for you. They are looking forward to your arrival. How does this make you feel, dearest?

It makes me feel very good; I’m quite ready to begin.   May I ask what country in the Orient is to be visited?

Indeed, dearest; yes indeed. You will be visiting….. Where would you like to visit, Dear Heart?

I have a penchant to visit many countries of the Orient.   We are speaking of the Orient and not Asia in general. Is this so?

Well done, dearest; yes it is the Orient of which we speak. We shall be visiting most of the Orient, over time. However, for now, dearest, Japan shall be our first country of the Orient we shall visit. Yes?

This does come as a little surprising; I don’t know very much about Japan. I will need to investigate!

Yes indeed, dearest, investigate away!

Can you advise how long the visit shall be?

Five days in Tokyo, dearest, should be all we require.

And the England visit?

Aha, Dear Heart, this shall require a landing of at least 10 days, to be sure_______

Carolyn’s travel itinerary

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