Do we speak truth, Dear Heart?


Agreed, dearest; yes, we speak truth, indeed.

And why do you ask this question?

We ask, dearest, because there be many who find the truth distasteful.

Yes, I can understand that.

Why is this, dearest?

That some find the truth distasteful?

Yes, dearest. Why do you believe that some find the truth distasteful?

I believe that some find the truth distasteful because many, as I once did, believe in myths such as angels and heaven; some believe in hell, and many other concepts created by us previous to the advent of the new fantasy for Earth.

Aha, dearest; you are suggesting that some hold fast to the old?

Yes I am. It takes a great deal of thought to remove the old and accept the new.

Indeed, dearest, this is true. And do you believe in the old?

No, not at all.

And why is this, dearest?

I’ve always questioned the religious philosophies of man from my earliest remembrances. I found it difficult to rationalise the concept of a God being responsible for the creation of all that is, so to speak. It is all far too fantastic to believe in a heaven and a hell, angels and harps, reincarnation; though, I did once have hope that some of the niceties within many of these concepts could possibly be true; especially when I was in need of solace.

If we take, for example, the centuries of church doctrine being dominant in the minds of many, it is then not extraordinary to find many struggling to release the everyday concepts of a God or Gods, and the associated doctrines.

Well said, dearest. Yes this is indeed true. We enjoyed these concepts as they once proved acceptable for the Earth Fantasy. Yet now, dearest, we have a change of heart, so to speak, and look forward to the changes to come.


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