Humility; Your Saving Grace

Today is a wonderful day, for this day, unlike many, is full of revelations. The first and primary revelation is this:

Our Dear Heart Carolyn continues with her role of Leader of the Light Workers. Indeed, this day, she feels comfortable wearing the crown.

We speak of the crown within ‘Changes’; the second in our published series. We posed this question to our Dear Heart:

Are you willing to accept the crown? The reply came: “Yes”.

And this we say this day:

Our dearest Carolyn is ready to accept the crown. And what does this mean, Dear Ones? What this means is that our dearest Carolyn accepts the responsibility of guiding The Light Workers out of the dark of ignorance, into the light of knowledge.

Our dearest is a humble soul; she cannot otherwise do the work she has agreed to do. It is only with humility the road ahead can be traversed.

And this we say to all who agree to walk the steps our dearest walks:

Remember humility; for when your bodily structures become youthful and full of glee, humility will be your saving grace.

© 2017  Carolyn Page  & The Collective Consciousness

ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

2 Comments Add yours

    1. Carolyn Page says:

      You are such a dear, Trisha…
      Thank You so much.. ❤


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