Soon there is to be a need for The Light Workers of the World to stand and be counted. Yes, my friends, hiding from the truth will only do harm. Many, currently, hide behind their truth as they refuse to accept their position. And what is their position? Their position is one of strength. Yes, dear friends, unburdening yourselves from all that is false includes accepting your position of strength.

For many Light Workers this can be an alarming condition. To accept one’s strength when one has, throughout one’s life subserviated oneself to all and sundry, can be a daunting task. For, you see, dear ones, many Light Workers, like our dear Carolyn, have been withdrawn from many obstacles of daily life. Yes, dear ones, they, those who have been withdrawn, so to speak, are now to find their voice. They are to begin, in earnest, their lives upon Earth.

This, naturally, means change for many. Where once you may have felt subservient, you are now to accept your strength of character. Where once you may have felt anonymous, you are now to allow yourself to shine. Where once you were not always given the opportunities to succeed, you are now to see success.

Change, dear hearts, is to be yours. We foresee many Light Workers taking that bull by the horns and allowing their hearts and minds to begin to have dominance, where once they may have been controlled by the hearts and minds of others.

Do not fear change, dear ones; it will benefit not only you, but also all others. We await this happenstance and will rejoice with you as you find the strength within.

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World