Over the coming years the Light Workers of the World will unite in ways that shall cause huge shifts in thinking. This is truth, Dear Hearts. They, the Light Workers, shall voice their views in regard to many issues concerning the values of living standards world-wide. And why will this be done?

This will be done because there will become an urgent need, within the minds of the Light Workers of the World, to bring about positive changes for the many. There is already a ground-swell of millions of Light Workers protesting the inordinacies evident in today’s world; inordinacies that many Light Workers cannot allow to continue. And why is this the case?

This is the case, Dear Hearts, because this is as it has been planned. Yes, Dear Ones, all is known, all is planned. The Light Workers of the World shall unite in many forms. One form will be seen by all who have eyes to see. This is right, Dear Friends. The Light Workers of the World are currently forming to bring about enormous change. And what are the changes?

The changes are to become evident; particularly within the next two years. One change of enormous importance will be the realisation for many Light Workers of the need to bring about change within themselves. Yes, Dear Hearts; the Light Workers of the World will bring about change within themselves in the form of freedom from many of the energies of limitation. And what are the energies of limitation?

The energies of fear, Dear Hearts, are the energies of limitation. Anger, resentment, grief, hatred, self pity and scorn are just some of the energies of limitation.

Won’t you join your brothers and sisters (so-called) in the ground-swell of Light Workers who attest to the need to be free; free of the energies that create limitation?

If you answered, yes; then so be it, Dear Heart. Your intention is the first step to freedom. There are many more steps; however, firstly there is need of your awareness of the limitation placed upon you by the energies of limitation, and secondly is your intention to free yourself from their grip.

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World