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The first video on my new YouTube Channel speaks in regards to Backwards Aging or Aging Backwards; a phenomenon that will become ‘second nature’ to the Light Workers of the World as they work diligently upon themselves to remove all that is false.

Yes, my dear friends; aging backwards will be evident upon, not only the mental frame, but also upon the physical body of those Light Workers who have, as their intent, to become all that they can be. And what is ‘all that they can be’?

This is a simple question with a simple answer, dear hearts. All that they can be is entirely free of fear. Yes, that is right, Dear Hearts. The Light Workers of the World, who diligently work to remove all that is false; i.e., the fears, anger, resentment, grief, etc, etc., will become ‘all that they can be’.

The rewards of this diligent work upon themselves will be greatly rewarded; one such reward being Aging Backwards.

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