The Light Worker’s Goal

The goal of the Light Worker is to bring the Light of Love and Perfection to bear upon the Fantasy of Earth. You will know if you are a Light Worker; for, Light Workers find negativity an energy they wish not to engage within.

The Light Worker ‘feels’ negativity more strongly than others. S/he can find it difficult to remain calm when, for instance, watching the news, with its negative vibe being an all invasive energy that can cause some Light Workers to shun such activity, because of the ill effects the negativity can cause them. This may make them feel inadequate and vulnerable. Yet, when the truth is known, they will realise their sensitivity can become their greatest asset as they learn to override this aspect of themselves with the truth of their purpose.

In general; though, not always, the Light Worker will find themselves somewhat different from others. Their attitude may range from seeking solitude, so as not to have to endure what they rightly perceive as negativity; to feeling alone when in company.

All in all, the Light Worker will not ‘fit’ until such time as in the company of other light souls who wish only for the good to prevail in all things. S/he will generally be an idealist, a dreamer, a good hearted soul. Once matured, the Light Worker’s inner strengths of forthrightness, generosity of spirit and a willingness to invest themselves for the higher good of all will manufacture solidity within, which will manifest itself in the form of a strength of character noticeable to all.

The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) have advised that in the future there will be many hundreds of channels for the Light Worker to find their ‘fit’. Many forums will be produced, over the coming years, to accommodate the influx of Light Workers as they come to appreciate their purpose and need of like company.

If, in the meantime, I can be of service I offer my services to all. I know who I am, and am awaiting the first wave of Light Workers to find me.

Many now are awakening. Many now are in contact with me. Many now are evidencing change; change in the form of a better mental view, comradery and a joyfulness not known before.

It has also been made known to me that a few others are experiencing, as I am experiencing, backwards aging. Yes, this is one of the rewards Light Workers will experience. The evidence will become noticeable as the Light Worker progresses with the truth of their purpose.

When the human fear no longer holds, the truth becomes visible not only to ourselves, but to all who are unconsciously affected by our true state of perfection; an absence of fear.

© Carolyn Page 2016

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