Tomorrow’s End ~ A Review

Sharmishtha Basu has kindly created a review for our first printed book ‘Tomorrow’s End’. We delight with our dear Trisha in bringing this to your attention. Trisha is Indian by culture; though, worldly by accent. Here are her words advocating all to read as a seeker and a student in order to progress along the path to love and perfection


I have been reading Carolyn’s works for some years now, so when she gifted me her book ‘Tomorrow’s End’ I was more than happy. I started waiting for the book since the day she told me that it is on its way to Kolkata from Australia.

I was curious to read the book, because the name can mean both positive and negative, and I was quite curious to know what Carolyn was thinking.

It is a spiritual journey, in short. A journey towards a better tomorrow, to a world shared by conscious people, people who know this world well and want to make a better world from this world. A world where people will be wiser, more enlightened and compassionate.

The positivity of the book is very infectious. It will lift your spirit, even if you are analytical and skeptical like me ~ people who take suggestions that can be practiced in reality, or can be tried in this crazy, wild world.

Carolyn not only builds the foundation of a better tomorrow, but helps us to understand every step and tells us why we should be trying those steps.

Now, as two persons are never walking the same path it is but natural that no one will be able to follow all the suggestions, but, the more we follow the more will we benefit ourselves.

There is one thing we will keep in mind while reading a spiritual book, and that is the person who writes it is mostly a level apart from us. S/he is less tangled with worldly ways, this is closer to angelic side of human beings. So, even though her suggestions are ALL worth following, we, the lesser mortals, should pick up those which will rhythm with our rowdy neighborhood or vicious office environment, for our sake, because that is what ‘Tomorrow’s End’ is trying to do; heal us, make us better human beings, happier human beings.

Those of us, who know these things and believe in them, know that spiritualism may not be everybody’s pot of soup, but, in the end, if one can TRULY embrace it that person benefits from every side! S/he lives in the very same world but starts enjoying it from spiritual angle, and that is very good for our spiritual, mental health; a statement of an experienced mortal of very ordinary capacity.

So open your heart and mind’s window and read ‘Tomorrow’s End’. Of course you can read it with an open, analytical and skeptic mind; just don’t be blind. Don’t read it as an iconoclast. Read it as a student, seeker, and you will benefit yourself.

There is not much to analyze in a book of this type. If you ask me why I loved this one, my answer will be very concise –

I love to improve myself, preferably daily, and this book has taught me a lot of things, in a very relatable way, because the words come straight from her heart.

After finishing the book I have done three things –

I have started working on some of the teachings/suggestions.

I have started thinking about some of them. and

I am about to try a few of them whenever I am ready!


I am waiting for Carolyn’s second book now, very eagerly!

Sharmishtha Basu

© 2016 Sharmishtha Basu


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