A Glimpse into our Next Volume, Dear Hearts ~


‘Bringing of Light’; to be published early 2017.

In our next volume we will outline those who are in opposition, so to speak, but amongst the 4 billion Light Workers currently working towards bringing the New Fantasy of Love and Perfection to the Earth Fantasy.

We will outline those who be here, Dear Ones, who are not a part of the 4 billion Light Workers. That is, Dear Ones, those who are here purely for their own enjoyment. Amongst those who are currently within the Earth Fantasy for their own benefit, Dear Hearts, are those who are working toward gaining 100% effective elimination of the negativity which is at the core of our beings. Yes, indeed, Dear Ones. Do not be afraid of those who are here for the purpose of elimination of negativity. We see many millions, Dear Hearts, allowing themselves to become engaged in matters that do not concern them; yes we do. We offer you this:

As has been spoken, there are amongst those currently within the Earth Fantasy who are eliminating negativity by experiencing negativity. These are those who, over the next few centuries, will gain 100% effective relief from our core nature; i.e., negativity. Many can be seen upon your TV screens, heard upon your radios, and voiced upon the multiple technical devices available. Were you to allow yourselves to become a part of the negativity, you will be doing yourself an injustice, Dear Hearts.

We ask that you be aware of such activity, yet be unaffected. Yes, Dear Ones; this is our suggestion:

Remain aware and responsible; however, do not allow yourself to be directly involved, nor allow the brain to overwhelm. This is the beginning of your downfall, Dear One; downfall into the pit of negativity.

Know that you, Dear Heart, are here to bring Love and Perfection to the Earth Fantasy. You cannot do this were you to be allowing yourself to enter into the vibrations of hate, resentment, anger and distrust.

Trust that you are not to be involved, Dear Heart, and trust that you will, with effort, see your way clear of angst.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

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