Tomorrow is a new day, Dear Hearts. This saying has become very well known by many. Yes, Dear Ones, many say this at the drop of a hat, so-called. And why is this saying so prevalent, Dear Ones? We shall tell you:

It is prevalent within much of society, Dear Hearts, because it is true, indeed. Tomorrow IS a new day; this is true, yes indeed. And why is it true? It is true because each day is indeed a new day.

We are stating the obvious, says our dearest, Carolyn.

Tomorrow will always be a new day. However, the saying implies so much more. Does it not? Yes indeed it does. And what does it imply? This is an easy question to answer; yes, Dear Ones.

The implication is that, on the morrow (a new day) comes opportunities for change. Yes, it is that simple.

However, it is in regard to our dearest that we wish to speak.

Our dearest, Carolyn’s tomorrows continue to bring forward many opportunities. Not only for our dearest, oh no, Dear Hearts. The opportunities we speak of are for all who wish for change. We shall explain:

Tomorrow will bring opportunities for those who are Light Workers; yes, Dear Ones.

Our dearest, Carolyn, will be setting sail quite soon, so to speak, to join forces with those of like-mind. Yes indeed she will. Tomorrow is to bring about the change required to bring the new fantasy of Love and Perfection to bear upon the old.

Yes indeed, Dear Ones. If you consider yourself to be amongst the throng of those whose choice is for renewal, then we suggest you stay informed about the travel arrangements we have in store for our dearest.

For, Dear Hearts, you may wish to avail yourself of her known abilities to predict the future, yes indeed.

And what future are we speaking of?

Your future, Dear One; and the future of the throng of Light Workers currently advancing throughout the world.

This surprises our dearest, as she types the words we relay.

Yes indeed, dearest, you will be given (as has been spoken) the knowledge that each and every Light Worker requires. Instantly, dearest, the knowledge required will be given as you sit with those who shall eagerly await your coming.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World