There is a fine line here, Dear Hearts. The fine line is represented by our beliefs. Some believe, some don’t. For those who believe will come many changes. The changes will be represented upon their faces, their hands, their bodies. In fact, Dear Hearts, the whole body will evidence age dropping away.

Our dearest, Carolyn, has been grappling with this concept for some time. Hers has been a hard journey, Dear Hearts, in that she will be the first to evidence such happenings within a short space of time, so-called.

Yes, dearest, we are planning many changes for you, indeed. Are you not witnessing change occurring, dearest?

Yes I am.

And are you pleased with the changes, dearest?

Yes, I am pleased.

Yes, dearest?

Lately, the past few weeks, I am feeling a spring in my step that I’ve not had since before the illness in 2013. As a woman in her sixties, this is surprising me. Some, at our dance socials, are remarking how very well I look; some even remarking I look younger than I did.

Are you saying, dearest, the evidence is before you?

Yes, I have to admit this. My body is getting quite strong; and my overall appearance is certainly changing with fewer lines, and a healthy glow is becoming apparent.

You are happy with the result, dearest?

Yes, I have to say I am quite happy.

And this, dearest, will continue…. During your conversation with our Dear Heart, Veronica, certain advice was given. Yes?

Yes; you advised that if we wanted to look younger we would need to eat healthily; i.e., no junk food; we would need to do some exercise (dance seems to be sufficient, at this stage, for me) and we would need to look after our beauty regime; i.e., clean, moisturise and pamper ourselves all over.

All over, dearest?

Yes. I commented that, during my morning skin routine lately, I had found myself rubbing moisturiser into the back of my heels and also in and around my finger nails. I mentioned this because it has only been lately that I find myself more invested in, what I would have considered, pampering myself. I do want to look after myself more than I’ve ever wanted to. I believe I have a responsibility to myself to do the best I can. This includes the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the pampering of my outer layer, (my skin). In fact, in all manner of ways I want the best for me.

Are you saying, dearest, this was not always your intent?

Yes, I believe that is what I am saying. I haven’t always given myself the attention I deserve, so to speak. I haven’t always placed myself first, in this sense. Now I have this overriding need to firstly invest in myself, in all ways, then to go on to whatever the day holds.

Indeed, dearest, we know this is true for you. And would you suggest this for others?

Yes, I would suggest this for all. I am gaining such a profound caring for myself, which does not negate others; not at all. The old adage: You can’t give away what you haven’t got, springs to mind. Indeed, I am feeling so loved and cherished by me, it is making me feel somewhat humbled.

You would say it is like a mother looking after her babe?

No, I wouldn’t say that. It is more like an adult looking after itself.

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World