Am I going to look younger as I age? I believe I am not as lined as I was; i.e., I have fewer lines around my neck and face.

Aha, dearest; we see you looking in the mirror. Do we not? We see you looking with admiration, dearest. Do we not?

Yes, a little more admiration than a few months past.

Indeed, dearest, and this is to continue for some good time; yes indeed.

What do you mean by ‘for some good time’?

What is meant, dearest, is that you will continue to improve.

Do you mean I will reach a point of improvement, and then there will be a cessation of improvement?

What is meant, dearest, is that you will continue to improve, full stop!

By ‘you’, do you mean my appearance?

Are we not speaking upon this subject?

Yes, I believe we are speaking upon the subject of my appearance. And you state that my appearance will continue to look younger as time goes by.

This is precisely what we are saying, dearest. You have been considering facial surgery, dearest?

Yes I have. I look about at the older women actors and see many going ‘under the knife’. They look so much younger by doing this. This has caused me to wonder about surgery for myself; yes.

We suggest that you wait, dearest. Yes, wait for the evidence to be forthcoming. You are looking younger now, dearest, than you did six months past. Are you not?

Yes; though, I looked quite aged quite quickly when I was ill. It would not be hard to look younger from the state I was in. Though, I do admit that my neck and facial skin is looking quite a lot better.

And this will continue, dearest…. We have a few words to say, dearest. Yes?

Yes, please do.

For those who are to ‘take to heart’ the words written in our series of books, will come a similar experience to your own, dearest. They, like you, will experience age dropping away; yes indeed. Their backs will be straighter, as it were, dearest, as they evidence their progress upon their physical bodies. This they will, dearest.

Rewards are a means for individuals to assess success, dearest; yes indeed. With each successive success they, those who choose to follow the Light Worker creed, will see the evidence of their work, not only within their mental state of being, but also upon the appearance of their bodily cells. Yes indeed, dearest; we have many rewards for those who stand by their desire to bring the light of love and perfection to the fore.

The Collective Consciousness and Carolyn

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World