‘Changes’, Our New Book

Changes, is our new book, Dear Ones. It comprises many new understandings for those who wish to know the truth. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; Changes, has been completed this day. However, Dear Hearts, it will not be published until October of this year, 2016.


Whilst our Dear Ones, Veronica and her mother, our dearest, Carolyn were enjoying their weekly luncheon, we advised them of a number of things; indeed we did. Did we not, dearest?

Yes you did; this is true.

And what did we advise, dearest?

You advised Veronica to prepare to write. That is; you advised her that she is to be a leader, in time to come, and for this she needed to prepare mentally.

And what was her response, dearest?

Her response was a knowing that this was right for her; though, she did have just a slight tinge of fear.

And why was this, dearest?

Veronica, like me, is dyslexic. This has caused her, as it once caused me, a good deal of angst. Knowing this, I believe her fear would have been a mixture of self doubt regarding writing in general.

Indeed, this is true, dearest. We hasten to advise our Dear Heart, Veronica, not to waste time contemplating such inadequacies; for, dearest; hers is a quest to fulfil her Soul’s intent; that of pursuing the dream for which we are all striving, indeed. That is, dearest, the goal of Love and Perfection to become the norm for the Fantasy of Earth.


Yes indeed, dearest; our Dear Heart, Veronica, will woo many young mothers, and their babes, as she evidences nuances regarding the upbringing of small children. She will do this with aplomb, dearest; indeed she will.


Further to that, dearest; what other information was forthcoming during your luncheon?

You advised that we shall commence the third in our series, tomorrow.

Yes indeed, dearest, yes indeed. Are you ready?

Yes, indeed I am.

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

(Veronica’s approval of this post was obtained before publishing.)

Since publishing this post, last night, Veronica began her WP journey. I am still chuckling over her first post…  Here ’tis.


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  1. Resa says:

    LOL! Love Veronica’s post! I’m now following! 😀 😀 xo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Carolyn Page says:

      I’m a little biased, Resa…. I adore her! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Indie Adda and commented:
    All the best Carolyn n Veronica!

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    1. Carolyn Page says:

      You are a marvel, my dear Trisha… 🙂
      Your little face keeps popping up at the most pleasant times, my sweet friend.
      Thank You so much… 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Books by Sharmishtha Basu and commented:
    Wish you the very best!

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