What Needs to be Achieved First?

Shall we explain?

Yes, please do.

Indeed; what needs to be achieved first? We speak of those things needed to begin the new in earnest. Firstly, Dear Hearts, we have spoken of the need for perfection to become the watchword of the new.

Hear what we say, Dear Hearts. We are not speaking of perfectionism. No, Dear Ones; perfectionism is another animal, so to speak. What we are saying, Dear Hearts, is:

Perfectionism is a nasty animal that, when unleashed, causes harm for all concerned.

Do you not see perfectionism amongst others, Dear Ones? Do you not see the effect of perfectionism etched upon the brows of those whose perfectionism controls?

Indeed, Dear Ones, perfectionism is the bane of existence for those suffering this imperfection.

Surprised? Yes, Dear Hearts, perfectionism is a fault.

Do you suffer from this fault, Dear One?

Were you to have answered yes, we suggest this to be a fine place to start the journey; indeed, Dear Heart. This imperfection, once released, will allow other energies enter. And what are those energies?

For those with this master fault the energies, that may replace, could be health.

Surprised? Yes indeed, Dear One; perfectionism is the number 1 cause of ill-health.


(This is an excerpt from the sequel to Tomorrow’s End – Changes)

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© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World