(Listen while you read) 

A NASA image of the North York Moors, England.

Our dearest, Carolyn, delights in the knowledge that it shall soon come to pass. And what shall come to pass, Dear Ones? What shall come to pass will be monumental for our dearest, indeed. She shall wear the crown intended for her. And what is the crown intended for her? The crown intended for her is the crown of success. Yes, indeed, dear friends, our dearest has waited her entire life for success to be hers.

Together we shall succeed in our quest of bringing the light to shine in an otherwise dreary world.

It is our intention to highlight our dearest’s imaginative movements. And what, Dear Hearts, do we mean by this?

What we mean, Dear Ones, is our dearest is learning, very quickly, that we have surprise upon surprise waiting for her to discover. Oh yes, dear friends; our dearest is soon to learn of much delight. And what are the delights?

The delights, Dear Hearts, are a mixture of fun and activity unlike any she has ever tasted. We shall share a few of the delights now, dearest. Yes indeed, we shall share, just a few of the delights awaiting you.

Firstly, dearest, we have told you of your travel arrangements for England, yes indeed. What we haven’t told you, dearest, is you will journey, not only to England; oh no, dearest; you will be journeying far and wide on this first of many trips.

Would it surprise you, dearest, to know that you shall not only be journeying to England, but to the orient, indeed?

No, it wouldn’t surprise me to be advised of anything unusual. I am becoming quite expectant of anything you have to offer.

Yes indeed, dearest, we appreciate your new appreciations, indeed. Welcome to the new, dearest, indeed.


We await you, dearest. We await the mind to settle.


Yes, I understand. I have taken a moment to read your words, and am just a little nonplussed by this advice.

Oh, dearest, there is more.

On arrival in England you will journey by car into the mores. You shall meet a number of individuals who will offer succour by way of genteel company. Oh yes, dearest, they await your coming, indeed.

More shall be given at the appropriate time, dearest. We hasten to remind you to remain calm and patient. All things shall come to pass in their appropriate time, dearest, indeed.

Many blessings, dearest, many blessings.

© Carolyn Page 2016 – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World 

 (This is an excerpt from a book The C.C. and I have just completed – ‘Tomorrow’s End’ will be available from July end 2016.)