(Listen while you read)


What shall we speak about, dearest? Shall we speak about love, and all things good? Or, shall we speak about all things not good? There are so many things about which we could speak. Do you have a desired topic of conversation, dearest? Or, do you wish for us to advance a suitable topic for today? We could, if you wish, dearest, begin speaking about the subject of…..


Oh yes, dearest; we understand your sudden intake of breath. We appreciate your reluctance to be involved. Oh yes, we do. We have all come across persons such as this. Have we not? Yes, indeed we have. We shall refrain now from speaking, dearest.


An interminable silence…..

More silence…..

And this is the reason why so many speak! They cannot bear the silence.

Would be that we could tempt you into silence, Dear Hearts. Here you will find solace from the day’s dreariness. Oh yes, we know for some the day is dreary. This is part and parcel of being human, Dear Hearts.

We cannot have fun, love and caring at all times. No, this not what the Earth Fantasy is about, Dear Hearts.

No; the reality of the Fantasy, in which you are engaged, is full of challenges and surprises. Within those surprises and challenges are rewards, Dear Hearts. The rewards come from your courage to ride the waves, so-called.

Congratulations go to those who have ridden the waves of dreariness, and continue to smile.

There will always be compensations, Dear Hearts, for your wisdom.

And what wisdom is that, Dear Hearts?

We refer to the wisdom that knows of the dreariness (at times) and remains riding the waves ‘above’.

Oh yes, Dear Ones; we see those who ‘ride the waves’.

For you, Dear One, shall come contentment as you accept that, whilst upon Earth, you will have many waves to ride.

© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World