Let’s Go Fishing  (Listen while you read)

Fishing450x450And for what shall we fish, dearest?

I really don’t know!

Neither do we, dearest, neither do we. However, dearest, were we to go fishing today, we may consider fishing for a dream. Yes?

What sort of dream would that be?

We ask the questions, dearest…..   😊

A dream that will need all of you….. Yes, a dream that will need your constant protection.


Yes, protection. This is what is needed when we have a dream, dearest. We need to guard it with all we can muster. We must hide it, so to speak, from those who would step upon it. Yes, indeed, dearest; there are those who would delight stepping upon your dream.

Best to keep it to yourself, dearest. Yes, keep it safe within your own mind until it is going about its business in reality. Until then, dearest, it is best to keep it to yourself, indeed.

The Cow Reflection upon our sister site ABC of Spirit Talk refers to this condition. You may wish to read it, Dear Hearts.

Cow Reflection (Listen while you read)

cow400shutterstock_159146585dnd-production-comHow about a life, dear one? Have you got one? Are you doing the best with it?

These are questions which you need to answer for yourself.

Don’t think that others know best. No, dear heart; they do not.

You know, dear one; what is best for you.

Think. Think. Think. What, in your heart of hearts, do you really want?

That’s right.

What do You really want? Only you have that answer.

(You do not need to tell me, dear friend. No, it would be best to keep it to yourself. That’s right. Until you have it very clear within your own mind it would be best to keep it to yourself. Yes, that’s right.

Some of us make the mistake of telling others our innermost dreams only to have them trampled upon. Yes, this is what happens to some who share their innermost dreams. We do not want to see this happen to you, dear friend. No, we do not want to see your innermost dreams treated in this manner. So we say to you, dear friend:

Don’t let anyone trample upon your dreams. No, never ever allow anyone to trample upon your dreams. Keep them to yourself; that’s right. Keep them safe within your own mind until they have been formulated and going about their business becoming more and more a reality. Yes, dear friend, this is how to accomplish your innermost dream.

Now do you understand why it is that we must keep our own counsel in regard to our dream? Yes? No? We’ll tell you:

We need to keep our own counsel (so to speak) so as not to interfere in creating those things that we will need to create in order for our dream to become a reality. That’s right. Were we to let others know, before our dream has taken root, there would be a difficulty in the realisation of our dream due to the disturbance that the thoughts and opinions of others may place upon us. Indeed, we see this happening over and over again. Some, who do not keep their own counsel, are led astray by those offering irrelevant information. This can send you on a slow decline into negative thinking. This, dear friend, can be the beginning of the end for your dream.

Think carefully before setting sail, dear friend. Think upon the manner in which you would like for your dream to end, and then you will find how to begin. Indeed, it may sound like the wrong way to go about creating your dream. However, we can assure you that if you think upon the end, the beginning will become much clearer to you.

May you have as much fun with your dream as you can.)

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