Never More Alone (Listen while you read)

HibiscusThe Little One knows of what we speak. Hers has been a lonely journey, indeed. It has been necessary, to date, to allow her this time of solitude so as the role she has agreed to play has had the opportunity to cement itself within her entire being. She, our dearest, Carolyn, has had much with which to come to terms. It has not been an easy road for one such as she. Her personality is quite robust; her demeanour quite refreshing, to be sure. It has been a difficult life in that her health has had many ups and downs.

This has been done, mostly, for the sake of keeping her adventurous personality from wanting to participate in said adventures. All in all a most limited life.

However, that is about to change. From this moment forward, our dearest shall not be limited by health concerns, nor shall we ask her to quiet her need for adventure. Indeed, Dear Hearts, with the advent of this book shall come many travels guaranteeing adventure, and the need for her humorous nature to expand. Indeed, Dear Ones, our dearest shall begin travelling the world, beginning with England in the not too distant future. We suggest, Dear Hearts, that you take advantage of her travels to seek her company. Indeed, Dear Ones, she shall delight meeting with you; as she shares your need for like minded company, to be sure.

We, on the other hand, do not require company, Dear Hearts. Though, we are in need of your thoughts, and your desires. It will prove to be an opportunity of resounding success for us to hear your thoughts, as our dearest allows us to speak through her. This she will do with delight, and thrilling waves of expectation. For, Dear Hearts, our dearest never knows what we have planned. Do you not, dearest?

No, this is true. I never know what is going to be said, or written through me. I’m always delighted, though.

Indeed, dearest. Will you be thrilled and delighted to allow the words of love to be spoken through you as you travel the world?

Yes, of course I will, always.

Then, so be it, dearest. We shall set sail, so to speak, knowing our intention is to meet many who shall come to see and hear the words of love.

(This is an excerpt from a book The C.C. and I are currently writing.)

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page 


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