A Fundamental Choice  (Listen while you read)

ApplesandOrangesFortunately, dearest, we are here at last.

The Little One is confused. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am.

Indeed, dearest, we jest. We have always been here. Have we not?

Yes, we are ‘all that is’, so to speak!

Indeed dearest, yes, this is true. We are ‘all that is’, to be sure. A fantasy, dearest; just a fantasy in which we engage.

Yes, this is true, dearest; a fantasy that, should you allow, will bring many delights. And what do we mean by delights? We mean, Dear Ones:

Should you allow the delights to unfold, you will evidence many splendid things, to be sure.

Many allow, Dear Hearts; and many do not.

We hasten to add, Dear Ones; the many who allow move ever so slowly forward in motion. However, the many who do not allow, do not. They, in general, Dear Ones, remain stagnant.

Do you wish to remain stagnant, Dear Heart?

Yes, or no?

This is always a choice, Dear Heart; always a choice.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World