WelcomeHomeToday’s reading, dearest, is going to enlighten you, and others, of events to come; indeed it will.

We have spoken of a ‘groundswell’ of Light Workers who shall come together in the not too distant future. Yes indeed, dearest, this is happening as we write. Many are gathering, so to speak, as we speak; yes, this is true, dearest. We herald the new dawn in deed.

And what is meant by ‘in deed’?

What is meant, dearest, is in deed they shall be known. They, the Light Workers, are beginning to become somewhat anxious. They do not understand why; no, this is true, dearest. However, they are becoming anxious for the new to begin.

Many do not appreciate why they are beginning to feel anxious; no indeed. We hasten to add, dearest; many shall find their way to our website, and the anxiety now felt will begin to ease. It will begin to ease as they realise, more consciously, their role to play in the unfolding to come.

And what is the ‘unfolding’?

The unfolding, Dear Hearts, is the unravelling, so to speak, of all that is false.

You will begin to believe. You will read, Dear Ones, and an inner knowing will be yours. Yes indeed, Dear Hearts; an inner knowing that you are coming home.

Welcome indeed to the new, Dear One. We are pleased to welcome you home.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World