When I was ill…

Yes indeed, dearest, when you were ill. Was it a time you remember fondly?

No and yes. No, because it was exceedingly distressing to be unable to function normally. Yet there were also times when I felt so loved.

Indeed, yes dearest, we know of what you speak. And how did you manage to survive?

Certainly knowing that I was loved helped me enormously. I doubt that I would have fared as well as I did had I not known that I was loved.

And this is what is on our minds, dearest; the need of humans to feel love.

Do you feel loved, Dear Heart? Yes or no?

Were you to have answered yes, this is indeed very pleasing, dearest. However, if you are amongst the many who have answered no; we say this:

Know that you are loved, dearest, even though you may not know we are here; indeed we are. You may not realise that we love you; indeed not. However, dearest, this is true. We love you, and you love us. You have trillions upon trillions watching over you, dearest; this is true.

Ask for this love to be shown to you, and we shall assist; indeed we will.

You may feel comforted. You may feel a ‘presence’. You may feel a touch when no-one is there.

You will know, by one means or another, that something ‘out of the ordinary’ has occurred; indeed you will.

Ask for proof, and it shall be yours.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World