A ‘Condition’ Worth Having!

A new day; indeed, dearest. It is a new day. Is it not?

Yes; though, every day is a ‘new’ day!

Indeed, yes, dearest, this is true. However, not every day offers ‘difference’. Do they not?

True; some days are a mirror of the day before.

Yes indeed, dearest, this is true.

So why then, are you using the word ‘new’?

Aha, dearest, this is the game. Is it not?

I do rather feel we are playing a game, at present!

Yes indeed, dearest; to be sure. We shall allow the game to pass, dearest, and get to the chase. Yes?

Yes; I’d appreciate that.

Good, dearest, good. Now, where to start? Oh yes, the beginning is always a fine place to start.

We have more news for you, dearest; news that will set your teeth a jangling (not literally, dearest, no), though, for some it will. We need to direct your attention to a condition, dearest. This condition is common amongst many who shall remain nameless; lest they try to sue, dearest……. We jest, dearest; yes we do.

This condition is one that will set you apart from your fellow man; indeed it will. This condition, when allowed, will enable you to soar with wings unseen; yes it will. This condition is less than minimal for some. It can be as miniscule as a pinhead, or as big as an ocean. Do we have your attention, dearest?

Yes, you most certainly have my attention.

Good, dearest, this is good. Do you wish to know what this condition is?

Yes, I would.

Good, dearest; on we go to tell you what this condition is:

This condition, dearest, is the ability to ride whatever comes. Do you understand, dearest?

Yes, I think I do. You, I believe, are referring to having the ability to ride the waves of life. Are you not?

And what, pray tell dearest, are the waves of life?

The ups, the downs, and the in-betweens; the so-called dramas of everyday life. Those conditions that we would like to avoid, etc.

Indeed, dearest, those things in life that bear teeth. Yes?


And this is on offer to all who so choose, dearest. The ability to ‘ride the waves’ is on offer to all who so choose. Yes indeed.

Do you choose to ‘ride the waves’, dearest?

Absolutely, yes!

Indeed, dearest, we see such a ‘state of mind’ assisting you to ‘ride the waves’. Do we not?

Yes, I have this ‘state of mind’ about all things. I enjoy being able to ‘ride the waves’. I am more able to ‘ride the waves’ with each passing day.

Indeed, dearest, this is true for you. And what, pray tell, has brought about this state of mind?

Many things… I firstly ‘want’ this state of mind to be mine. My intention is to have this state of mind in totality. I consciously am aware of this choice, and it has become a normal part of who I am. I can’t imagine myself being any other way.

We know this to be true for you, dearest. And this is available for all who choose. Yes?

Yes. It takes work and a sincere and deep desire to enable this to become possible. However, I know it can be done.

Indeed, dearest, indeed.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World


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