Put Us To The Test

And what shall we discuss, dearest?

Whatever is your wish!

Aha, dearest, we wish to discuss, time. Indeed, time.

To many the word ‘time’ conjures disruption and pain. To others it is a guarantee of something happening. To still others, there is panic and woe. Yes indeed, the word ‘time’ holds many and varied connotations depending on the individual’s thoughts and understandings, to be sure.

And this leads us to today’s reading.

Words; yes indeed.

Words have power, indeed they do. What happens when a word is uttered?

What happens, Dear Ones, is dependent upon the connotation held. A simple example would be the word – together.

For some this word exemplifies all that is wonderful and good. To others it represents two together, but not in a wonderful way. No, Dear Hearts; for some the word ‘together’ conjures feelings of shame, guilt, and a myriad of violences experienced.

And what can we do when we entertain words that hold ill meaning for us? We can ask for a better connotation of the word as we hold it up to the light.

Yes, should we want a better connotation all that is required is to ask for a better view. That’s right, Dear Ones. Indeed all words, under the scrutiny of rational thinking, can be overpowered and tamed.

You think not? You think this cannot be the case?

Think of a word that, when spoken, causes alarm. Yes, that’s right; think of a word, perhaps an individual’s name that holds some trepidation for you. Now ask for a better view.

Should your desire be to hold a better view, then so be it, Dear One. We shall assist all who ask.

Put us to the test, Dear Heart. What have you to lose, except a connotation untrue?

We shall delight in helping you to be free, Dear Heart. Indeed we shall…….

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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