Meat Eating: To Be or Not To Be?

Would it be appropriate to speak about eating meat?


Because there’s a lot of controversy about this subject, and I’m game! Whatever comes is OK with me – for, or against, or in between.

Right, dearest, on we go.

Eating meat is a pastime for many. We, that is, those currently experiencing the Earth Fantasy, are in need of food, or sustenance. Yes? Yes.

Good, this is a good beginning. To eat is to bring valuable nutrients to the organism. Yes? Yes.

Indeed, dearest, sustenance is a value needed when experiencing the human experience. Yes? Yes.

What is eaten can be a quandary for some. Yes?

Yes. Some enjoy eating meat, and others do not.

Yes indeed, dearest. Some enjoy eating meat, and others do not. This is indeed true, dearest. And your question is, dearest?

Firstly: Do humans require meat for optimal health?

Indeed, a good question, dearest; yes indeed. There are varying viewpoints. Some believe yes, and some believe, no. However, dearest, we hasten to say: Not everyone needs meat.

Indeed, this baffles the Little One. Does it not?

Yes it does. I was sure you were going to say that most, if not all, need meat.

Indeed, yes, dearest; we are aware of your thoughts. However, be that as it may, the answer is: Not everyone needs meat for optimal health.

And how is that to be assessed? How do we know who needs meat and who does not need meat?

This is where it gets tricky, dearest. Some, like you, have lived without meat, at times. Yes?

Yes, there was a period in my life when I was a vegetarian for approximately 10 years.

And how did you fare, dearest?

I believe I fared well. I didn’t want to return to meat eating. However, you advised me that my next partner was coming along. He, being a meat eater, would feel more comfortable with me as a meat eater, and so I took up meat eating again.

Indeed, this was so for you, dearest. At our suggestion you returned to eating meat. Yes indeed, this was as it was some years past. And today, dearest?

Today I eat meat regularly. Am I one of those who would fare better as a vegetarian?

Aha, dearest, aha; this is the question. Is it not?

Yes. I wish to be doing whatever is the most beneficial for me.

Indeed yes, dearest. The most beneficial; this is the basis upon which you need to gauge all things. Is it not?

Yes, I believe so.

Good, dearest, good. Our suggestion for you, dearest, is at this point in time your body requires the benefits only meat eating can give.

And how does one reconcile the killing of animals in order for their own body’s health requirements?

This is a sad truth. Is it not, dearest?

Yes it is. On the one hand I have a love for all creatures, and would not hurt intentionally any animal. And yet, by looking after my own body’s health requirements, I allow many animals to be slaughtered for my benefit.

Indeed yes, dearest; this is the case; to be sure. We speak directly to you, dearest. You are currently within the Fantasy of Earth. Yes?


Within this fantasy there are values which are unique to the experience. One such value is the killing of one species for the overall health and longevity of another. Yes?

Yes. I’m realising that all animals need to eat. All insects, birds, fish, etc., need sustenance for their survival. They kill other animals/species for their health sake. Are you suggesting that we, as humans, are engaged in one of the ‘values’ of the Fantasy of Earth? That is; the need to eat other creatures for our health sake?

Indeed, dearest, you have summed it up well. Have you not?

Thank You. What about those who you say do not require meat for their health sake? Are they a part of society who scorn meat eaters? They choose to overlook the needs of those who require meat, choosing instead to place the needs of animals above. I am not saying that I am not compassionate to the sometimes horrific circumstances in which animals, reared for human consumption, are placed within. However, I must place myself first. I must, for my own health sake, place my own needs above.

Yes indeed, dearest, a quandary to be sure. Be that as it may, dearest, the onus is upon you to ensure your health is number one priority. Is it not?

Yes it is. Hopefully, the human race will find better ways to engage in better procedures for the rearing and slaughtering of animals for human consumption.

And this will occur, dearest, in the not too distant future.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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