Fortunately, dearest, there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Indeed, dearest, we are not here to talk about cats. No, dearest, we shall reserve that for others. What we would like to speak about, dearest, is the way in which many refuse to see that ‘difference’ can be, and is, the norm.

Too many go about with the impression that all should conform. Yes indeed they do. Many believe that their way is the only way. This is true, dearest. Many go against all common sense, and take to heart the meaning of variety as being a untruism. We are here to tell ‘all’, of the mistake of this belief. We have, you and I (and all others enjoying the Fantasy of Earth) agreed upon the use of ‘variety” and ‘difference’, to add spice to the fantasy, indeed.

And does it create enjoyment? For some yes, and for others, no. This is also as it has been arranged. There will be those who agree, and those who do not. Do you understand, dearest?

Yes I do understand. I hadn’t quite taken this truism into every aspect of life; however, I am now realising that this concept applies to ‘all things’.

Indeed, dearest, indeed.

And this is our reading for this day. Allow the variety and differences you see in your everyday life to become the norm for you. That is:

 Take this truth, and allow it to become the norm.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


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