Tomorrow’s Rainbow

What will tomorrow bring? Indeed, this is a question we hear constantly. What will tomorrow bring?

If we are wise, then tomorrow will bring rewards. If we are not wise, then so be it; the future will be coloured by today’s thoughts and actions.

Simple enough; yet many refuse to see the simplicity.

We shall leave today’s reading here, Dear Heart, and continue at a later time. Yes?

Yes; if that is all you want to say, then so be it!


Indeed, dearest; life is as simple as that. Wise choices bring a wealth of contentment. Unwise choices, naturally, bring the opposite.

Yes; though, how do we know if we are making wise choices?

Look about you, dearest. Are you happy with what you see?

Yes, I am rather content with my life. Yes, I would have to say, yes.

Good, dearest; you must be making wise choices. Yes?

Yes, I see what you mean. If I were to not be content; were I, in any way, upset by my choices, then I would have to look at this as a result of my thinking. Is this where you are leading?

Yes and no, dearest. Many share decisions with others; such as; a child under parental care. They are not solely responsible for the decision making, indeed. There are those who are incapacitated due to illness and/or injury. They also must share decision making with others, such as their carers.

However, in the main, dearest, we are responsible for our thinking and decision making. Our decisions colour our present and future. Wise choices colour our present with enjoyable vibrations of love and interesting goals to achieve. Whilst a lack of wisdom produces sadness, anger, misery, distrust, a lack of vitality; the list goes on and on, dearest.

What will tomorrow bring? Inevitably, it will bring the rewards, or otherwise, of our thoughts and actions. As we have said:

Simple enough!

Yes, simple enough…

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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