Personality: Extrovert

Indeed we will, dearest. The Little One has asked that we speak upon the personality trait: Extroversion.

We have spoken about the personality trait of introversion:

Introversion (or shyness in its extreme) is on the other end, Dear Hearts. We explained that our dearest, Carolyn, chose this personality trait, and spent many decades overcoming the debilitating effects.

Extroversion, on the other hand, is, as you would think, the opposite. Indeed it is, Dear Hearts. The extrovert enjoys all types of enjoyable company, especially when he/she has centre stage, indeed. The actors of the world, in general, lie in-between these two traits, Dear Hearts. They are neither one nor the other. Surprised? Yes, we thought this may surprise.

The extrovert is an attention seeker. His/her personality expects a certain savoir-faire to be evidenced whilst preening, and, in general; basking in the limelight. The extrovert welcomes not only attention, but extreme attention; central attention is best.

The Little One asks if this ‘need’ becomes exhausting?

Yes and no, dearest. The true extrovert is given the energy required for their choice until they choose otherwise. That is, dearest, like the introvert who chooses another course, the extrovert, when ready to compose themselves; to gain command over the incessant desire for attention, will slow down naturally. They will become more calm, more able to allow others a little limelight, so to speak.

Just as the true introvert can, and does, achieve success over the personality choice, so too the extrovert. A matter of desire and intention, dearest.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page

(Savoir faire: the ability to act or speak appropriately in social situations; adaptable and adroit.

Suavity, finesse, sophistication, poise, aplomb, grace, adroitness, accomplishment, polish, style, smoothness, tact, tactfulness, diplomacy, soft skills, discretion, delicacy, sensitivity.)


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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