Personality: Introvert

Our Little One asks that we speak upon the subject of Personality. Indeed, Dear Heart, we shall inform our readers regarding the principle of personality.

Most, if not all individuals, place themselves within the realms of ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’. However, Dear Ones, there are a multitude of personality types, indeed. To limit oneself to the idiom of, let us say, an introvert would be to say that all individuals playing sport are sportsmen and women. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we hasten to say:

Those of you who have chosen to perfect yourself within one arena of sport, or sports, could easily be called a sportsman or woman. However, and for the purpose of clarification, those playing sports, though without the desire to further themselves within the sporting arena would not, nor could not adhere to the supposition inherent within the term, indeed.

As this as a guide we shall now speak upon the concept of introversion. A choice, Dear Hearts, is all. Each has a choice to select the personality traits to be experienced within the fantasy of Earth for the purpose of overcoming said personality; to be sure, Dear Ones.

Do not believe that you are limited to the personality traits that you have chosen. Should you wish to engage with said personality traits, then so be it. However, should you feel uncomfortable within the confines of your personality traits there is little reason to remain bound.

Indeed, our Dear Heart, Carolyn, was, as a child, an introvert extraordinaire. She had little time for other humans, preferring her own company. As she progressed through life she found it necessary to engage with others. This was not an easy task for her. It pained her to interact with what she considered to be angry, uncontrolled demons who were hell bent on making her life a misery.

(We speak candidly, Dear Heart, so as to alert our readers to the truth.)

It wasn’t until we introduced ourselves to her, during her 3rd decade, that she found it a pleasure to interact. However, Dear Hearts, the interaction she enjoyed was with spirit, so called. Yes indeed, Carolyn found the communication with ‘spirit’ to be calming and beneficial to her mind. We (fostering this communication) brought understanding to her jangled nerves, and slowly but surely confidence grew.

Today, many years later, our Dear Heart, Carolyn enjoys communicating the words of love; never tiring of such communication.

And this we say to all who consider themselves amongst the introverted:

Communication, tinged with the heart, with love, will bring its rewards; the rewards of companionship and calm. You will discover, as did our Dear Heart, Carolyn; introversion has been maligned erroneously.

Introversion is a personality trait chosen by those who desire to have a greater experience; an experience enveloping the heart, indeed. When understood in its proper form the (so called) introvert can (as our Dear Heart, Carolyn) enjoy the closest of relationships with all (so called) personality types.

We wish you well upon your journey of discovering (as Carolyn) the joys of acceptance, and enjoyment of self.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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