Today’s topic is Evolution. And what, pray tell, is Evolution? Evolution is a term to express a continuum. Is it not?

“Yes,” we hear you say. Right, with that basis we shall proceed.

The Little One has asked: To what are we evolving?

This is a good question. One that requires some thought.

Firstly, the term ‘evolve’ suggests moving forward. Does it not? “Yes,” we hear once again. Indeed, evolving into something else; this is Evolution.

Therefore, Dear Hearts, the question is: To what are we evolving into. Yes? Indeed, Dear Hearts, we hear you say, yes.

To what are we evolving into? To answer this we need to take a peak into the past. In the past man has butchered all good. Yes? Some agree, and some do not agree. Be this as it may, Dear Ones, we shall proceed.

Man’s past has been fraught with difficulties; difficulties of his own making. Yes? More agree, Dear Hearts. This is good, Dear Ones.

Yes, man’s past has been abysmal in the overall sense, Dear Hearts. And this will change; indeed it will.

It will require a huge shift of consciousness for man to override the events of the past; yes indeed, Dear Hearts. It will require a huge shift in man’s demeanour. His character must, and will, go through enormous changes; beginning with the Light Workers of the World.

They, the Light Workers, will begin the momentum, and like the domino effect many others will hear the calling, Dear Hearts. This they will, in time.

We envisage a new century with many millions ‘hearing the call’, Dear Hearts.

You may be one of them, dearest.

The Collective Consciousness with Carolyn Page


© 2016 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk/Light Workers of the World

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